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Noun1.Netscape - a commercial browser
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How To Watch YouTube On Amazon Fire TV Through Firefox App
Firefox is soon expected to be updated with a feature that will notify users of visiting a hacked website .
As you may know Yahoo recently secured a five-year deal with Mozilla to become the default search engine for the Firefox web browser in the U.
The first smartphones powered by Mozilla's open source Firefox OS will be launched on 2 July.
Spanish operator Telefonica will release the first Firefox OS device, ZTE Open, on Monday, the telco said.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The first Web-based Firefox mobile OS smartphones will be released soon in Spain and Poland, with more coming soon to other regions of the world, Mozilla announced Monday.
Tokyo, Feb 25, 2013 - (JCN) - Mozilla and KDDI Corporation (KDDI) today announced plans to launch Firefox OS phones in Japan, and to cooperate to reinforce Firefox OS development.
Mozilla, the non-profit foundation, popular Firefox Web browser, is contriving to take over Google and Apple.
Mozilla's new silent updater has not sped up the migration to Firefox 13, according to usage statistics compiled by an Irish metrics company.
9 -- Four days into the 11th Auto Expo, Firefox Bikes has raised the bar a bit higher.
This is particularly impressive as a Firefox upgrade has to be initiated or authorized by the user, unlike Chrome, for example, which undergoes automatic updates.