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HOCHIKI EUROPE'S emergency lighting system, FIREscape, has received a top industry accolade at the prestigious Fire Excellence Awards 2011.
An attractive firescape would be a study in creative hardscape design.
Santa Barbara's Firescape Demonstration Garden, at 2411 Stanwood Drive, is a 1.
As forests born in the sunshine of 1989 begin to close in the views in firescapes, views that were only created in 1988 are vanishing, and will not return until the next large fires visit these forests several centuries from now.
HOW TO USE IT Plant it as an edging for unthirsty borders; it's also a smart choice for firescapes.
Another image includes the streetscape of urban New York City or a set of stateside row-houses along a United States city street, firescapes included: an unlikely image of tropical urban housing architecture.
Two blossoms of light, light across a dark grey building manned by a dancing tree, rows of tan firescapes hit by the sweetness of six o'clock light.
The Santa Barbara Fire Department pioneered this zoned approach in its Firescapes Demonstration Garden, at 2411