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As for him, he would have been utterly ignorant of his situation had he not espied, in passing, at the turn of a street, the octagonal mass of the pillory of the fish markets, the open-work summit of which threw its black, fretted outlines clearly upon a window which was still lighted in the Rue Verdelet.
She keeps asking mother to take her down to the waterside and the fish market.
The society has started posting daily video reports of all the fish markets of the northern emirate to make people aware about the types and prices of the fish available there.
Construction of Four Fish Markets at Kukatpally, Begum Bazaar, Nacharam and Chilkalaguda.
Directorate General for Fish Marketing and Investment is developing the fish markets
by ONA The plan includes building new fish markets and upgrading the existing ones
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has spotted 23 consumer violations at the fish markets at
I visit fish markets regularly and speak with the fish sellers and try to educate them and make them take a pledge.
A dozen Bahraini fishermen were given the chance to showcase their catch at the event's opening yesterday, in the hope of reaching customers who do not usually attend early morning fish markets.
The infection traced to uncooked sea food purchased at fish markets in China town market.
He says that in other fish markets around the world, it tends to be dealers buying the wares on offer.
Most of the fish now available in fish markets around the Kingdom have been imported from neighboring countries which have stabilized the market and the prices to some extent.