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Noun1.Fish ball - well-seasoned balls of ground fish and eggs and crushed crumbs simmered in fish stockfish ball - well-seasoned balls of ground fish and eggs and crushed crumbs simmered in fish stock
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner" ball - a fried ball or patty of flaked fish and mashed potatoes
patty, cake - small flat mass of chopped food
codfish ball, codfish cake - usually made of flaked salt cod and mashed potatoes
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This comes as no surprise because the food stand's ingredients are handmade and homemade with love, from its bouncy fish balls made with 100% yellowtail fish, down to the sambal chilli which perfectly complements the noodles when tossed with crunchy fried shrimps.
Next, I sampled some of the Professor Swai (Basa) in pickled cabbage soup base with fish balls, quail eggs, imitation crab stick, rice cake and lotus root.
Its cafeteria serves empanada, fish balls, Graham balls, spaghetti/macaroni, lugaw/arroz caldo, cheese sticks, gummies, coffee and, well, 'the usual chips,' reported Jude Macasinag.
Last year, Robb was lambasted on the popular message board PTT and the Facebook group Breaking News Commune for a video posted on his Twitch account showing him flicking fish balls on the grass, sticking bamboo skewers in the dirt, and leaving a plastic beverage container at the entrance to an MRT station.
Ambulant vendors sold fish balls, ice-cold water, warm taho and balut, boiled bananas, peanuts, fresh buko, hairclips, second -hand cell phones, Christmas lights, lanterns, etc.
If you just want to start off slowly I would strongly recommend a filling plate of meat or prawn filled dumplings accompanied with that marvellous dish of spinach and garlic on the side followed by some fish balls.
While I loved my fishcakes - which seemed to adopt some of the typically fragrant Thai flavours - the fish balls had a really odd texture that I couldn't quite get my head around.
Hong Kong's Lunar New Year celebration descended into chaotic scenes as protesters and police clashed over a street market selling fish balls and other local holiday delicacies.
Thong Siek offers a wide selection of seafood products under its Dodo brand, including fish balls, dumplings, fish fingers, otah fishcakes and other convenient product types that are popular and prevalent in the preparation of traditional Singaporean dishes.
Curried fish balls and egg waffles were the favourite foods sold by street stalls/kiosks.