Fish maw

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(Zool.) the stomach of a fish; also, the air bladder, or sound.
(Zool.) See under Fish.

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Giving us company were various parts of various sea creatures, from fish maw ( the air bladder that helps fish to maintain their balance in the sea) to duck gizzard.
I was halfexpecting to see a snake's gall bladder, but our gregarious guide spared us that stomach- churning experience, though he insisted that the collagen- rich fish maw was the secret of his youthful skin.
NOTHING GOT our friend and minder in Hong Kong, Fred Cheung, more excited than the subject of fish maw.
As we examined various parts of animal anatomy on display at the Wing Hing Dried Seafood store on the busy Des Voeux Road, Cheung credited his ageless appearance to fish maw.
Maybe it's a sign that we are more willing to experiment that restaurants like Dragon-i are able to offer exotic dishes like sliced eels with black bean sauce and duck feet and fish maw with abalone sauce for us to try.
The smugglers tried to conceal the ivory by packing it along with sun dried fish maws, which has a strong odour.
and Jasmine Seafood Restaurant's celebrated Chinese fare ranges from sweet-and-sour pork to an exotic stew of shark's fin, crabmeat and fish maws.
For products like canned shrimps, dried fish, shark fins and fish maws, the acceptability is determined on the basis of colour, odour, texture and absence of objectionable foreign matters.
Other than the above shark fins, fish maws, beche-de-mer, cuttle fish & squid, sprats are also exports mostly to the Asian markets.