Fish maw

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(Zool.) the stomach of a fish; also, the air bladder, or sound.
(Zool.) See under Fish.

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Along with the Great Glory Yu Sheng salad, invited guests were served with an auspicious set dinner which includes a Divine Combination Platter, Eight Treasure Fish Maw, Shredded Sea Abalone Soup, Deep Fried Crispy Taro Shrimp with Honey Plum Sauce and Scallop and Wasabi Sauce, Roasted Pecking Duck in 2-way Course, Steamed Live Garoupa in Crushed Soybean, Stewed Home-style Pork Knuckle with Flower Mushroom and Sea Cucumber, 'Patatim Style', Poached Tangyuan, and Pan-fried Niangao.
It contains abalone, prawns, sea cucumber, dried fish maw, sea moss, marinated duck, dried scallops, taro, and assorted vegetables.
As both restaurants also provide a la carte delicacies to be taken away, Shanghai Pavilion not only offers its award-winning dish, Braised Sea Cucumber with Pork Tendons, but also especially presents an extremely luxurious Monk Jumps over the Wall, a traditional must-eat delicacy which contains fish maw, scallop, abalone, chicken and pork tendons.
This month, executive chef Joris Rycken and executive Chinese chefs Wang Wei Qing and Edwin Lok came up with a 24-hour marinated salted duck; soy-glazed stir-fried prawns and red tea leaves; wok-tossed pork knuckles with spicy garlic; and braised seafood soup with crab roe and fish maw.
Quay and Bennelongs Peter Gilmore presented Australian sea urchin in a dish of uni rice, fish maw and umami broth.
NOTHING GOT our friend and minder in Hong Kong, Fred Cheung, more excited than the subject of fish maw.
Maybe it's a sign that we are more willing to experiment that restaurants like Dragon-i are able to offer exotic dishes like sliced eels with black bean sauce and duck feet and fish maw with abalone sauce for us to try.
Set Menu A is composed of Double Happiness Combination Platter: Crispy Prawns with Wasabi Mayo Salad, Deep-fried Eggplants with Pork Floss and Spices; Double-boiled Chicken, Fish Maw Soup with Maca Herbs, and Ling Ji Mushroom; Steamed Cod Fish with Baby Pak Choy in Cantonese Homely Flavor Sauce; Stewed Pork Ribs with Canton Bou and Chinese Wine Vinegar Reduction; Braised E-Fu Noodles with Crab Meat served with Vegetable Parcel and Morel Mushrooms; William Pear Mousse with Oolong Tea Gel, Coconut Malibu Ice Cream.
Again, we were treated to very tasty refined flavors from the superior stock of Chef Thong's Kitchen as it also was the flavor base for the light pumpkin soup that had pieces of spongy, gelatinous fish maw with a fibrous crunch.
Giving us company were various parts of various sea creatures, from fish maw ( the air bladder that helps fish to maintain their balance in the sea) to duck gizzard.
The menu opens, rather dauntingly, with all the delicacies: shark's fin soup, fish maw with goose web, sea cucumber, abalone, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.