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a.1.Suitable; fit.
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Tenders are invited for Calling On Led Signal Lighting Unit 110V Ac Retro Fittable In Existing Signal Housing And Compatible With Ac Conventional Ecr/Ac Led Ecr As Per Rdso Specn.
Finally, the fact that the lamellar stacks of lower molecular weight matrices are more sensitive to the presence of clay is evidenced by the fact that the SAXS diffractograms of the samples with 5% of clay are so severely weakened to be not fittable for PCL10-5 and PCL42-5, because of the disruption of the ordered lamellar stacks.
On the basis of absorbed interview, it has been noticed, that in amount of data and information from PD projects, it is hard to shell most fittable for company.
A trunk fittable elastic member is tightly held between the first and second sheets.
Tenders are invited for Led Based Dome Light Interchangeable With Conventional Bulb Type Fitting, Round Shape, Retro Fittable Type, Input Supply-45 V To 90 V Dc, Illumination Level Above 500 Lux At 1 Metre Distance In Axial Direction With Regulator Switch To Adjust The Illumination.
Tenders are invited for Red Aspect Main Led Signal Lighting Unit 110V Ac Retro Fittable In Existing Cls Housing And Compatible With Ac Led Ecr Asper Rdso Spec.