five Ws

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five W's
Journalism. who, what, where, when, and why: the essential information in a lead paragraph of a news story (how is sometimes called the sixth W).
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Yes, like a lot of my readers, I learned those five w's early in my career.
IT can gain greater control over complex data relationships by making access decisions based on the five W's of information access: who (identity), what (device), when (situation), where (location) and why (usage case).
Your article should include the five W's of journalism (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and at least one quote.
THE FIVE W'S AND THE H OF SOCIAL MEDIA "Social Media Management is very similar of project management when it comes to operating and managing your social media project.
The written format is nothing revolutionary: the five W's and how.
herself) and Emilio started to explain the staunch five W's of
Weinberg covers the five W's of MU's "J" School with admirable attention to detail, as one might expect of an active, card-carrying member of IRE--Investigative Reporters and Editors.
Web expert Kathleen Shrock suggests using these five W's as a rule of thumb:
If we grade "Lapdogs" against the five W's of good journalism, then it gets an A for the "what" and a C for the "why.
We must be sure that we don't compromise our missions by discussing the five W's of operational planning.
The slim text shuns the insider anecdotes that might have been expected for a no-frills outline of the standard tools of the job, from the five W's to interview techniques to going through an agent to reach an athlete.