five Ws

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five W's
Journalism. who, what, where, when, and why: the essential information in a lead paragraph of a news story (how is sometimes called the sixth W).
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Equipped with the latest technology, each of the rooms asks participants one of the five Ws - Who, What, When, Where, and Why - eventually helping them compose the lead of their articles on their participation in the event.
Leaders who invest in the five Ws to become data-centric and put the modern customer at the center of the customer experience are on their way to extreme personalization.
Nobody had died in my family, but my fascination towards death deals with questions of who, where, when, what and why - the five Ws, as we call it.
I am not a journalist and I have never studied journalism (one of my regrets) but I will try to apply the universal rule of "the five Ws and one H" to see a bit more clearly.
My high school journalism teacher taught me about five Ws and an H--who, what, when, where, why and how.
At least that's what's happening in Chicago, where community groups are helping teams of teenagers and retirees master the five Ws, gather facts to support opinions and post their finished product on locally focused Web "portals.
The windows show a variety of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products being advertised, including 'Sparkling Burton Mild and Bitter Ales, Trumans Eagle Bottled Beers and Stout, John Jameson's Pure Pot Still Whiskey, Five Ws Whisky, Marsden Cigars and Capstan Tobacco and Cigarettes'.
Using the five Ws and H method, the features and benefits of professional certification are used to assist decision making in pursuing professional development.
Knowing the five Ws and H (who, what, when, where, why and how) of your target market, your core competencies and what problems you solve for customers will determine what vehicles to use in the shopper engagement process.
The remaining five ws ill come off the European money list on Sunday night with Rory McIlroy, Ross Fisher, Angel Cabrera, Soren Kjeldsen and Oliver Wilson currently in position to make it.
When faced with a crisis, a twist on the standard five Ws and an H can provide a blueprint for successful government communications.
Earlier I mentioned the traditional five Ws and an H of traditional newspaper journalism.