Fives court

a place for playing fives.

See also: Fives

References in classic literature ?
As soon as dinner was over, and Tom had been questioned by such of his neighbours as were curious as to his birth, parentage, education, and other like matters, East, who evidently enjoyed his new dignity of patron and mentor, proposed having a look at the close, which Tom, athirst for knowledge, gladly assented to; and they went out through the quadrangle and past the big fives court, into the great playground.
Tom wondered within himself, as they strolled back again towards the fives court, whether the matches were really such break-neck affairs as East represented, and whether, if they were, he should ever get to like them and play up well,
And now the master of the week has finished, and locked up the big school; and the prepostors of the week come out, sweeping the last remnant of the school fags, who had been loafing about the corners by the fives court, in hopes of a chance of bolting, before them into the close.
Boxing, rat-hunting, the fives court, and four-in- hand driving were then the fashion of our British aristocracy; and he was an adept in all these noble sciences.
She relishes her secret sessions on the Fives court, where she trains for the intricate, dangerous athletic event that could someday bring her glory.
I made pieces for all areas of the Community's life and grounds: a motorised grass roundabout in the squash court / antiques storage area, a new experimental Stations of the Cross in the depth of the quarry fives court, a 'resurrection' iconography in the graveyard, strings of alleluias from the offices in the community corridors, salt-dough workshops with Brethren in the kitchens and even (upon my departure) carved soap works being installed in Room x (the walk-in urinal).
There had to be a big school (anyone else would call it a school hall), a fives court, a production line to Oxbridge and lots of eccentric teachers.
The abbey church was left virtually complete however and 18th-century villagers used it as a fives court and the church was a place to play quoits.
Staff at Rydal Penrhos in Colwyn Bay have revamped their Welsh Eton Fives courts.
SPORTS FACILITIES: 200 acres of wooded grounds for cross-country running, 16 tennis courts, nine football pitches, a nine-hole golf course, eight cricket pitches, eight grass hockey pitches, three all-weather hockey pitches, one rugby pitch, an athletics stadium, a sports centre with indoor swimming pool, multi-use sports hall, climbing wall and well-equipped fitness suite, fives courts, squash courts, rackets courts.
Reid, 45, revealed: "We'd always had a good youth set-up, we'd built a couple of fives courts to make money and host the kids but it had a glass ceiling.