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a. A traditional telephone line in which a telephone is connected to the public network by cables.
b. Telephone service provided by such cables: I don't have a landline; please call me on my cell phone.
2. An aboveground communications cable on land.
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Noun1.landline - a telephone line that travels over terrestrial circuits; "a land line can be wire or fiber optics or microwave"
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This draft Telecom Policy 2014 consolidates the fixedline, mobile and broadband policies which were released separately in 2003 and 2004 respectively.
RUSSIAN conglomerate Sistema- controlled Sistema Shyam Teleservices ( SSTL) has got a unified licence ( UL) which will allow it to offer mobile and fixedline phones, Internet, broadband and voice- over Internet technologies through a single permit.
He expects homes and companies located far from fixedline networks to benefit from the new services, adding: "This could be the only opportunity for rural businesses to have fast, mobile data communication.
We are about to procure a new fixedline estate which will have similar controls over calls made.
Omantel, he said, was also ready for competition in the fixedline category.
So far there are no announced plans to consolidate the fixedline operator Telmex and America Movil into one operation.
3 million fixedline subscribers as of 2009 while du had 160,000 fixed line telephones as of third quarter 2009.
CTE is the European, Middle Eastern and African operation of China Telecom, the world's largest fixedline operator.
He also says if you have fixedline broadband it is worth checking with your existing supplier first to see if they can offer you a combined mobile and fixed line deal - this can be costeffective and makes keeping track of your bills a lot easier.
Badsey, near Evesham, is one of only ten sites selected for testing Broadband Enabling Technology (BET), a new fixedline solution for delivering broadband over much longer distances.
Shares in the firm rose more than 4% after watchdog Ofcom removed the last major piece of regulation in the retail fixedline telephone market.
By the end of this year, China's fixedline and mobile phone subscribers will account for 27.