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 (flăg′stăd′, fläg′städ′), Kirsten Malfrid 1895-1962.
Norwegian operatic soprano known for her performances as Wagnerian heroines.


(ˈflæɡstæd; Norwegian ˈflaksta)
(Biography) Kirsten (ˈçirstən). 1895–1962, Norwegian operatic soprano, noted particularly for her interpretations of Wagner


(ˈflæg stæd)

Kirsten Marie, 1895–1962, Norwegian soprano.
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Let's not forget that these miraculous creations were premiered in London in 1950 by one of the greatest-ever Brunnhildes, Kirsten Flagstad.
Other inserts include photographs of singers, such as those autographed by sopranos Kirsten Flagstad, (39) Rosa Ponselle, (40) and Birgit Nilsson.
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Many of the existing tail fin heroes are famous Scandinavian figures including Hans Christian Andersen, Edvard Munch and Kirsten Flagstad.
The song was recorded by Kirsten Flagstad and is well established in the standard song repertoire in Norway.
The house that stands today across a harbour bridge from the royal palace dates from 1898, occupying the same site as King Gustav's theatre, and it was there that Birgit Nilsson, arguably the greatest Wagnerian soprano since Kirsten Flagstad, cut her dramatic teeth.
We thank the Alaska Natural Heritage Program for mapping support, and especially Lindsey Flagstad for her database expertise.
In 1959 our national opera house was opened with Kirsten Flagstad as director, and it gave Norway a permanent opera company.
There were the Met's competition with the New York City Opera; the Austrian-born Bing's unspoken need to make an "American" point by integrating the company; Bing's determination not to discriminate on any terms, even against a singer like Kirsten Flagstad, who was suspected of having Nazi sympathies; the idea that it would be easier to integrate the Met's regular season with a classically trained dancer than with a singer (and indeed, soprano Marian Anderson wasn't to make her Met debut until four years later); and not at all the least, Aida's Egyptian theme, which made the presence of an "Ethiopian slave" narratively plausible.
Trilogy has created a brand based on relationships and tremendous customer service which is a great fit with the culture of Kingsbridge,” said Dan Flagstad, co-founder and co- CEO of Kingsbridge Holdings.