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n.1.(Bot.) A name given in the East and West Indies to certain trees with brilliant blossoms, probably species of Cæsalpinia.
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The vocabulary of a transparent, clear light joins with one that stuns and fascinates the eye: eclater, eblouir, resplendir, scintiller, miroiter, flamboyer, rayonner, and their respective adjectives and adverbs are used to differentiate between good and bad art in the Salon writings.
Once they have poured their identities into literary creation the likes of Tasso, Pascal and Swedenborg are nothing more than empty shells--their vitality now animates the creatures of their imagination: "Les poetes ont en eux un reflecteur, l'observation, et un condensateur, l'emotion; de la ces grands spectres lumineux qui sortent de leur cerveau et qui s'en vont flamboyer a jamais sur la tenebreuse muraille humaine.
tout d'un coup, lorsque le saint sacrement passa et qu'elle en regarda l'astre flamboyer au soleil, elle eut un eblouissement, elle crut etre frappee d'un eclair.