Flange joint

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a joint, as that of pipes, where the connecting pieces have flanges by which the parts are bolted together.

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BOLTRIGHT PRO will then analyse this data and produce a comprehensive calculation of the required torque or tension to be applied to all of the flange joint bolts, to achieve a leak free joint.
The gap between the concrete base and tower flange joint had been filled with a mixture of the grout and a foam filler material.
Stephen said the new tool offers significant safety advantages: "The Zero-Gap II allows a flange joint to be opened safely and is easy to use, therefore minimizing the risk of human error.
These include the web type, thickness, and grade, as well as the web to flange joint and joint type.
The pumps multi outlet four-way design allows for four hydraulic torque wrenches to be used simultaneously providing an even compression of the critical leak sealing gasket on flange joint connections," she explains.
As a thirty-year veteran of bolted flange joint assembly, I have witnessed many important improvements and also seen some gimmicks.
Tenders are invited for Miscellanceous piping, weld repair & fabilcation, flange joint maintenance, valve dropping and erection and other miscellaneous works in Utility area during MTA-2018 Document cost : INR 500 EMD value : INR 18860 Document Purchase Start date : 06 Nov 2017 Document Purchase End date : 20 Nov 2017 Opening date : 23 Nov 2017
In addition to the extensive range of products, Hi-Force also offers on-site services including bolting services from a simple bolt up of a single flange joint to a major construction, maintenance and shut down projects.
That situation changed in a spectacular manner early in 2001 when the newly formed ASME Pressure Technology Post Construction Committee published its first completed work, PCC-1-2000 Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly, a non-mandatory guideline.
For onsite bolting services, Hi-Force is able to carry out jobs ranging from a simple bolt up of a flange joint to major construction and maintenance shut down projects.
The goal of the FADU is to enable the demonstration of key principles necessary to create a leak-free flange joint.
Our on-site services include bolting services from a simple bolt up of a single flange joint to a major construction and maintenance and shut down projects to on-site lifting and jacking services usually related to heavy lift applications involving multiple numbers of Hi-Force high tonnage cylinders, pumps, hoses and accessories," says a company spokesperson.