Flank company

(Mil.) a certain number of troops drawn up on the right or left of a battalion; usually grenadiers, light infantry, or riflemen.

See also: Flank

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Ooredoo employees flank company executives during the "CEO Excellence Awards.
Peter Young was a member of the 1st Essex Flank Company and the 1 st Essex Volunteers.
In Queenston, British forces consisted of the grenadier company of the 49th Regiment of Foot, a flank company of the 2nd York Volunteers and a detachment of the 4D Regiment of Foot with a 3-pounder grasshopper gun.
He was among more than 100 soldiers of the battalion's Right Flank Company greeted by families at Catterick, North Yorks.
Right Flank Company has been serving in Helmand Province.
The Helmand province base has been home for the past six months to Right Flank Company of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards, who are about to complete their deployment.
Brenda Denyes UE planned the unveiling of a War of 1812 grave side Plaque for Private Isaac Corman, 2nd Flank Company, 5th Regiment, Lincoln Militia, on 22 August at the Stoney Creek Municipal Cemetery.
Peter served over 450 days during the War of 1812, spending most of his time with the Essex 1st Flank Company with one additional muster with the 2nd York Militia Regiment.
who served as a private in a flank company of the 1st Regimental Lennox Militia.