Flap valve

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(Mech.) a valve which opens and shuts upon one hinged side; a clack valve.

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With the Plattco double flap valve, the object just lands on the flapper and passes through without disrupting the manufacturing process.
made explosion flap valve to be certified by an independent testing agency to comply with NFPA standards.
Officers discovered it was coming from a combined sewer outfall with a flap valve next to Pipe Bridge, which was believed to be part of the NWL sewer network.
A flap valve for instance is in general a very flat creation in contrary to an umbrella valve that requires some height.
Through co-ordination between the borough and county councils and the Environment Agency, ditch pipework has been installed, a retaining wall raised, silt removed and a new flap valve installed.
Unlike prior endoscopic treatments for reflux, the molding of the flap valve that holds back acid is expected to be much more robust and effective," the expert added.
If you are constantly pushing the lever and no water is siphoning into the pan, or you need to push the handle three to four times before it flushes, it means the diaphragm or flap valve has been worn or damaged and you will need to replace it.
EV series is a glass tube loader with an optical sensor and nonreturn flap valve.
Everyone is born with a small flap in the septum between the right and left atria of the heart; but for some that flap valve never closes permanently.
Product offerings include; air and natural gas operated double diaphragm pumps, ball valve and solids handling flap valve pumps, DC powered portable and air-operated submersible pumps, replacement parts, and a complete range of accessories.
The water stays there because of the flap valve, and with continued pumping, the pipe fills.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 200 nb ash intake flap valve & spares installed above alv in ash handling plant unit no.