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About half of the waiting Welsh Guardsmen had flash burns to face and hands only.
Mr Jones' clothes did not ignite but the intense flash of heat was enough to cause 10% superficial flash burns to his face, arms and hands, resulting in severe blistering and swelling.
A 54-year-old male suffered from flash burns and a concussion, and a 29-year-old male suffered from a sprained wrist and a concussion.
But the blast inflicted flash burns on passengers, and prompted dozens of others to flee in panic.
Health officials said 22 were taken to hospital most suffering from flash burns.
The boy suffered flash burns and received care from paramedics before the Yorkshire Air Ambulance took him to Leeds General Infirmary for treatment.
This is a considerable advantage compared to other nuclear fusion processes which are under development at other research facilities, since the neutrons produced by such processes can cause dangerous flash burns," says Leif Holmlid, Professor Emeritus at the University of Gothenburg.
He suffered flash burns to his head, neck and chest after he was showered with sparks and has been undergoing surgery to treat his injuries.
By doing so you are at risk of getting serious flash burns on your face due to the vapors.
He had flash burns to his arm, and he told his wife "I told you years ago that I would never let you leave me.
Two people suffered flash burns while the others had minor injuries, including wounds from broken glass and splinters, the New York television station reported.