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A corn tortilla rolled around a filling, such as beef, chicken, or cheese, into a thin cylinder and sometimes deep-fried.

[Spanish, flute, probably from Old Provençal flaüt; see flute.]


(Cookery) a Mexican food item consisting of a tortilla rolled around a filling and then fried
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Liberty of the Seas guests also can look forward to an expanded lineup of tantalizing food options, including modern Mexican cuisine atSabor featuring a mouthwatering menu of authentic, modern and unexpected Mexican dishes, such as Oaxacan Ceviche of Red Snapper or Spicy Chicken Flautas -- to name a few.
Flautas, crispy tortillas filled with chicken or grilled vegetables, are served with sour cream and a bean sauce, making for an experience that is both crunchy and soft, and rich in taste.
The chicken flautas at Guerrero's Bakery H Restaurant, and also those tortilla chips.
Rallying around the biggest day in sports, Hoffman and Pagano keep the ball moving in this half-hour packed show by cooking up four recipes with selected Crystal Farms cheeses and their Simply Potatoes[R] fresh shredded potatoes ingredients: Chicken Flautas, Garlic Chicken Potato Casserole, Philly Cheesesteak Fondue and Queso Fundido.
Eles os descrevem tocando instrumentos de origem africana (tambores, arcos musicais, flautas, xilofones), que teriam quase todos desaparecido no seculo XIX, o violino de que gostavam muito alem de uma especie de alaude que prefigura o violao.
Que las flautas prolonguen sus cantos durante toda la noche y que la multitud, libre de las severas leyes, se regocije mas licenciosamente con las bromas permitidas.
Chevys' flautas (they use flour tortillas) have 980 calories.
My daughter likes a lot of kid stuff like macaroni and cheese, burritos, tacos, flautas, salsas, guacamole, but she also loves sushi.
The filled flour tortillas offer even more variety, ranging from Mini Chicken Flautas (25 grams), Mini-Burrito-Wraps (60 grams), standard burritos (80 or 100 grams) with eight different fillings, to rolled Jumbo Flautas (180 grams).
The secret is to make sure the oil is so hot that the flautas do not soak up too much.
Here are recipes for many of his signature specialties, such as Lobster Napoleon, Pumpkin Mousse Cake, and Flautas.
Las flautas de pan Mochica y las botellas silbadoras norandinas.