Fleece wool

wool shorn from the sheep.

See also: Fleece

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Scope The present report analyses fabrics woven from threads of wool (whether pure fleece wool, a mix of wool with other natural and/or synthetic fibres, or synthetic wool) intended for use in the manufacture of men's and women's clothing.
The BWMB was established in 1950 to operate a central marketing system for UK fleece wool, with the aim of achieving the best possible net return for producers.
The Little Green Sheep Organic Moses Basket THIS handmade wicker or maize organic basket comes with a breathable fleece wool and coconut coir mattress and an organic cotton bumper sheet.
This year we have also invited a group of wool spinners to the farm, to show how fleece wool can then be made into clothing," said farm manager Arwyn Owen.
The British Fleece Wool Price Indicator at the last sale was 154p/kg and in the corresponding sale last year was 103p/kg.
One of the ways in which wool is graded is by "spinning count," which means that one pound of fleece wool would spin that many "hanks" (a hank equals 560 yards) of wool.
United Kingdom auction prices and the Wool Marketing Board's British Fleece Wool Price Indicator
Meanwhile, the first range of carpets from the Highland Fleece wool blend collection has been launched at The Flooring Show, Harrogate.
She showed examples of lots of fleece wool and explained the different breeds of sheep the wool came from, how it differs in colour, length, texture and quality.
The British Fleece Wool Price Indicator, which is the average selling price at auction of our main grades, at the last sale was 123p/kg and in the corresponding sale last year was 71p/kg.
The British Fleece Wool Price Indicator - the average selling price of the main grades - stood at 123p/kg at the last Wool Board sale - compared with 71p/kg at the corresponding sale last year.
The board said the British Fleece Wool Price Indicator (BFWPI) was steady for the first half of the season at 74p/kg in October when much of the clip had been sold, before rising to 120p/kg at the end of the season because of a shortage of stock, increased demand for wool and positive currency movements.