flesh color

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flesh′ col`or

the color of a white person's skin, esp. a yellowish pink or pinkish cream.
flesh′-col`ored, adj.
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The lowest value in terms of weight loss, the highest value in terms of firmness and a lighter flesh color were obtained for those fruit stored at 12 C.
In total, 100 fruit of the pineapples at maturity stage 3 were chosen for an assessment of their morphological characteristics (including weight, length and maximum fruit diameter, plus the number of fruitlet) and other properties (such as pH, TA, flesh color, flesh firmness and TSS).
It must be noted that DSM Nutritional Products produces Carophyll Pink (astaxanthin), a carotenoid related to vitamin A that produces a non-fading flesh color identical to the flesh color found in wild salmon (astaxanthin is the same carotenoid in both wild and farmed salmon).
Although it looks like a color swatch from Anna Nicole Smith's decorator, the SalmoFan is actually a guide to salmon flesh color.
She wears Willa Kim's unitard of gorgeous green blending to flesh color on the lower torso and legs, and a small jeweled green headpiece.
The fact that a couple of the paintings are predominantly in the flesh color of Band-Aids (Dogwood and Overly Later, both 1999) only heightens the suspicion that within their seeming indifference is imprinted a memory of bodily hurt.
Some tattoos, especially the multicolored with red, flesh color and green, take more sessions to remove than others,'' Raskin said.
We think it's a different form of the gene that controls yellow flesh color.
Even so, there is great variation in skin and flesh color, as well as in sweetness; you may get some surprising results.
Flesh color was assessed visually by observing the change in chromatic level on each of fruit.
The changes in visual appearance expressed as flesh color index (FCI) of longan fruits during storage period were observed and results are showed in Fig.
Her vivid whites, in paintings like Matrix, 1999, Brace, 1998--99, and Fulcrum, 1998--99, are carefully attuned to the areas of darker, more mottled flesh color, at once adding to their sense of fullness and making those passages seem abstract.