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(ˈflʊərɒn; -rən; ˈflɜː-)
1. (Art Terms) another name for flower8
2. (Cookery) cookery a decorative piece of pastry
[C14: from French, from Old French floron, from flor flower]


(ˈflɜr ɒn, ˈflʊər-)

a floral ornament or motif, as in architecture or printing.
[1350–1400; Middle English flouron < Old French floron <flor flower]
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Le musAaAaAeA@e municipal, un fleuron du genre, sis au passage Ait Souss e plutAaAaAeA t un espace d'exposition plastique sans grande envergure, alo que le rAaAaAeA@amAaAaAeA@nagement de la salle de la jeunesse et sport, en dAa de l'effort qui y est fourni, reste en deAaAaAeAoAaAaAeA des attentes qualitati Par ailleurs, une sAaAaAeA@rie de maisons de quartier, pas moins de cinq projet est dAaAaAeA@jAaAaAeA opAaAaAeA@rationnelle.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 3, 2016-Rowley Acquires Drapery Hardware Maker Fleuron Enterprises
Pieces considered include the Fleuron Crown from Neumarkt in Silesia, the Mantua Torah Ark, portrayals of Esther by early 20th-century Jewish artists, and the stained glass art of Chagall.
Le college classique pour garcons--jadis un fleuron de l'enseignement secondaire au Quebec--est ici revisite sous l'angle de la masculinite.
Le cours est rapidement devenu un fleuron du programme du Departement : une innovation pedagogique pouvant etablir une nouvelle norme en enseignement des sciences politiques au pays.
But for those with a sweet tooth, Fleuron de Fadel's chocolaterie, also in Ashrafieh, is the place to be.
Nestled inside a purple gift box is a bottle of Fleuron de France Brut NV Champagne which is rich and toasty with plenty of charm, and a bottle of Chambord black raspberry liqueur to make a Kir Royale.
C'est le fleuron de l'Association canadienne de sociologie (et d'anthropologie, anterieurement) et elle est la revue canadienne prestigieuse et influente de la discipline.
This event was organised in memory of the defunct BE[umlaut]chir Salem Belkhiria (March 4, 1930 - November 26, 1985), fleuron of Tunisian industry and one of the pioneers in matters of guiding Tunisian youth inventors.
The California students chose a four course meal that included poached sole, cauliflower puree, spinach butter sauce, herbed fleuron, prosciutto and melon salad, poulet saute bercy, vanilla bean ice cream and raspberry sauce.
From 1922 Oliver Simon--once described by his brother, Herbert, as the firm's 'most uncommercial commercial traveller'--was deeply involved, with Stanley Morison of the Monotype Corporation, in the production of Fleuron, a journal devoted to typography.