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poiretii, the new species can be distinguished by its flexuose rachises, erose segment margins, and by the pubescence of the laminae abaxially.
Inflorescence laxly 2 or 3-pinnate, 25-35 x 10-18 cm; primary bracts like the upper scape bracts, exceeding the 1-bracteate sterile peduncle, pungent, dark purple-red; branches 5--10 cm long, spreading at 45[degrees]--90[degrees] from the main axis, the ultimate branches 3 to 10-flowered; the rachis flexuose, covered with pale stellate trichomes, pale green to white tinged purple; floral bracts ovate to broadly elliptic, broadly acute, 8-11 x 8-10 mm, thin, nerved, cucculate, sparselylepidote, pure white.