flight suit

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flight′ suit`

a long-sleeved jumpsuit made of fire-resistant material, worn typically by members of an aircraft crew.
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Don a flightsuit and helmet, fall forwards into a vertical wind tunnel and, with a little expert help, you're up, up and away.
A flightsuit and a T-shirt provide little protection against these combined factors.
For the jump, Jane wore a specially designed flightsuit and oxygen mask.
The pilot, in a silver flightsuit, grinned and waved as he emerged.
Known by its trademarked name as a FlightSuit, in addition to its diaper utility, it features a harness/leash function.
Moore has received some unique requests for the Flightsuit, including orders from owners of a crow, a pigeon, and a magician who wanted flightsuits for his doves.
As he taxied by, my flightsuit dropped to my knees, and, for him at least, the moon rose over Pakistan.
Fold up the collar on flightsuits to protect the back of the neck and to prevent early wrinkle formation.
Acclaimed as a first in aviation and fashion, this signature collection is reminiscent of World War II days, and the achievement captured in these styles makes these flightsuits and accessories the ultimate identity apparel.