Flint mill

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(Pottery) A mill in which flints are ground.
(Mining) An obsolete appliance for lighting the miner at his work, in which flints on a revolving wheel were made to produce a shower of sparks, which gave light, but did not inflame the fire damp.

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A new flint mill and paint shop were erected and bone ash and stone and china clay were imported from Cornwall to enable a soft paste porcelain to be made in substantial quantities from about 1826.
what the victim have like Back then there were only two routes to the spot, once the site of a flint mill.
Felin Cochwillan Mill near Bangor has a history dating back 200 years and is included in the Royal Mail set with Cheddleton Flint Mill in Staffordshire, and New Abbey Corn Mill, Dumfries and Galloway The stamps also feature windmills in Nutley, East Sussex, Woodchurch in Kent, and Ballycopeland in County Down.
Cheddleton Flint Mill in Staffordshire takes pride of place in a set celebrating windmills and watermills.
Watermills on the new stamps show Cheddleton Flint Mill in Staffordshire, now managed by an industrial heritage trust, Felin Cochwillan Mill in Gwynedd, close to the Snowdonia National Park, and New Abbey Corn Mill, Dumfries and Galloway, which is maintained by Historic Scotland.
Graham Tongue, Kimberly-Clark Site Manager, Flint Mill said, We are delighted that our new Huggies wet wipes facility has given us the opportunity to attract new talent to Flint, complementing our existing highly-skilled and experienced team.
Evidence of a flint mill was also found, together with what was left of a brick settlling tank containing the white paste used in the manufacture of earthenware pottery.
In this episode building surveyor Alan Appleby and his wife Dora save a charming flint mill in Staffordshire.
Originally constructed in 1879, the water-powered grist mill uses round flint mill stones brought from Germany to grind grits and meal.
Highlights include the beautiful Churnet Valley with its steam railway, and Cheddleton Flint Mill with its two working waterwheels.
Workers from Flint mill site raised the money at their annual charity golf day held at Mold golf club earlier in the year.