Flint wall

a kind of wall, common in England, on the face of which are exposed the black surfaces of broken flints set in the mortar, with quions of masonry.

See also: Flint

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The whole was fenced from the road by a low, brick-pillared, flint wall, topped with a cast-iron Gothic rail, picked out in blue and gold.
Pass through two gates and follow the flint wall to the third.
A flint wall, relic of that great medieval church, separates the cloister garden from the orchard that grows within its foundations.
Other details include an attractive approach, bounded by a re-built brick and flint wall.
But beyond the blood-red poppy fields, other natural wonders colour the landscape - inky blue river estuaries stretch their fingers into the Channel, a rainbow of wild flowers climb pebble and flint walls, and the brilliant white wings of herons settle on trees, like silk handkerchiefs surrendered by the wind.
The properties retain plenty of original character, with exposed flint walls and wooden beams, while a large recreation barn provides racquet games, a pool table and table-tennis.
His eclectic AR subjects included country shops, flint walls, 'the nautical style' and the British pub, while he happily illustrated colleagues' features too - such as, a John Betjeman essay on Nonconformist chapels.