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IN the flint-hearted world of football, Dick Advocaat is a man who is not afraid to show some emotion.
The manager of the home is described by the dead man's daughter as "a profit-obsessed, flint-hearted bitch".
g RACES 38 POLES 0 WINS 0 BEST SEASON 10TH FERRARI FERNANDO ALONSO The flint-hearted Darth Vader of Formula 1.
The drystone walls of Common Lane play host to a macabre gallery of death; the small velveteen bodies of moles hang twisting upon the barbed wire in several stages of decomposition, no doubt set there by some flint-hearted farmer as a warning to their burrowing brethren.
Only the most flint-hearted Bears fan could fail to feel some sympathy for a Somerset side stuck with its third runners-up spot this season.
Get that boy a cup of tea," said the normally flint-hearted editor.
Only the flint-hearted could be left unmoved by this.
Ryan finds that Janine may not be quite the hard-faced, flint-hearted minx that she likes to make out and, following his recent grisly discovery, Leon opens up to Zsa Zsa about his mother's death.
He has been imprisoned by the flint-hearted Snow Queen, a suitably sinister Rosie McLaughlin in a spectacular white dress.
Flint-hearted officials then rubbed salt into the wounds by saying it was all her own fault.
The recent death of her flint-hearted husband has freed her to search for Matthew, whom she hasn't seen or heard from in twenty years.
This year's series of Dancing on Ice will be remembered for a number of reasons, not all of them good There was the unforgettable moment when eventual series winners Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers scored perfect sixes, reducing the presenters and even flint-hearted judges to tears.