fluticasone propionate

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flu·tic·a·sone propionate

 (flo͞o-tĭk′ə-sōn′, -zōn′)
A synthetic corticosteroid, C25H31F3O5S, used as a topical anti-inflammatory and antipruritic, as a nasal spray in the treatment of rhinitis, and as an inhalant, in combination with salmeterol, in the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

[flu(oro)- + tic- (probably shortening and rearrangement of carbothioate, one of its constituents) + (meth)asone (as in dexamethasone).]
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The steroid nasal sprays such as Beconase or Flixonase, reduce the swelling and inflammation of the nasal membranes and so help clear congestion within the nose.
6m [pounds sterling] on marketing for its Piriton, Piritese, Flixonase, Breathe Right and Beconase portfolio this year, while rival Pfizer is set to put more than 3m [pounds sterling] behind the Benadryl brand.
The following drugs contain fluoride: Prozac, Rohypnol, Diflucan, Flixonase or Flixotide, Stelazine, Fluanxol or Depixol or Floxapen.
I have used Flixonase nasal spray, but it gave me a runny nose and made me sneeze.
It may be worth trying a daily antihistamine, but I suspect you would benefit from steroid nasal drops or a steroid nasal spray such as Beconase, Flixonase or Nasonex.
Products like Flixonase or Nasacort need only be used once a day and a 60-dose spray costs pounds 7.
From time to time I use a Flixonase nasal spray, but I don't want to use steroids long-term.
A new national press and poster campaign for allergy reliever Flixonase features three new creatives--Dog, Grass and Flower.
GlaxoSmithKline is continuing the push behind its hayfever and allergy portfolio with a national press and poster campaign for Flixonase Allergy Nasal Spray.
Annual UK sales of Flixonase are approximately $30 million.
Tackle things by drinking lots of fluid, which thins mucus, and if you're really suffering see your GP for an anti-inflammatory nasal spray such as Flixonase.