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n.1.An arrow.
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Aunt and Flo were poorly all the way, and liked to be let alone, so when I had done what I could for them, I went and enjoyed myself.
So was Flo, and we kept bouncing from one side to the other, trying to see everything while we were whisking along at the rate of sixty miles an hour.
A pause--then Flo cried out, "Bless me, there's a gallows and a man going up.
For when we were shut in by the wooden apron, the man drove so fast that Flo was frightened, and told me to stop him.
They went to the theater with us, and we did have such a good time, for Frank devoted himself to Flo, and Fred and I talked over past, present, and future fun as if we had know each other all our days.
Aunt's pronunciation is old-fashioned, and Flo and I, though we flattered ourselves that we knew a good deal, find we don't, and are very grateful to have Fred do the `parley vooing', as Uncle calls it.
It was a moonlight night, and about one o'clock Flo and I were waked by the most delicious music under our windows.
I laughed at him, and said I didn't throw it, but Flo, which seemed to disgust him, for he tossed it out of the window, and turned sensible again.
He never goes with Flo, always gets on my side of the carriage, table, or promenade, looks sentimental when we are alone, and frowns at anyone else who ventures to speak tome.
First of all, Samuel Dundee an' Agnes Hewitt; the next day Albert Mahan an' Minnie Duncan; an' by the week-end Eddie Troy and Flo Mackintosh--all sailor-men, an' un sux weeks' time the last of them back tull their ships an' awa', an' no one o' them dreamin' of the wuckedness they'd been ot.
The texts of Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan (1651) and Flo Hatfield's Leviathan plantation relate to Oxherding Tale and each other in similar terms of intertextual, phenomenological praxis and thematic influence and subversion.
The Flo, as reported in the January/February 1991 issue of American Fitness, is gaining immense popularity as a mind/body integrative exercise device.