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adv.1.In a floating manner.
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The drowned body of three-year-old Aylan floatingly came to the edge of the sea and NilE-fer Demir, a photographer with the Do?
There is a feeling of great aliveness in our sessions, at times our spoken thoughts seem to fly back and forth, like a ball that we throw one to the other, or maybe it is more accurate to say like a balloon, that we pass back and forth almost gently, floatingly, as if in slow motion, we take our time, with developing the thoughts, that arise between us, and in so doing, I notice how in our thinking and feeling in the sessions it is like we are playing, playing with our thoughts, seeing where they go, how they join up, where they lead us.
From the viewpoint of individual efficiency, when one exits from an organizational control, tries to increase his function through "managerial intelligence" and does his best through planning in order to improve his working with the least cost within the least time, since working time in tele-working defined floatingly, he can choose the most suitable time.