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n.1.A fluke of an anchor.
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NO FLOOK Steve Flook, who reckons he has a hunter chaser good enough to win Cheltenham's championship race in March but is awaiting the name of said beast from his owner, saddled his first Flat winner when Gold Hunter landed the 6f handicap at Chepstow.
Rank: Surgeon Regiment: Royal Navy Age: 26 Date of death: 21-6-1915 Buried at: Lancashire Landing Cemetery Frederick Flook Son of George Thomas and Rosabella Flook, of 191 Cathedral Road.
Flook, in an opinion authored by Justice Stevens, found a patent claim directed to an algorithm to be patent-ineligible subject matter.
Welsh Cakes and Custard, published by Pont/Gomer and illustrated by Helen Flook, is a series of stories about two young children, Betsi Wyn and Emyr Rhys, who encounter new and sometimes alarming things for the first time.
Flook trained his first pointing winner in 1997 with a horse bought out of Malvern Sales for PS600, and prides himself on never paying over PS5,000 on a purchase.
There's guitar and bass player Ian Stephenson, for instance, who says: "There are probably dozens upon dozens of grown men who grew up listening to Flook and Lau, harbouring dreams of being in a band with Brian or Aidan one day.
Robert Flook, 46, conspired to supply 150kg of cocaine and eight tonnes of cannabis.
In a linked operation in England, Robert Flook was caught at Felixstowe docks with pounds 28million of cocaine and cannabis he shipped from Durban last October.
Founders Vic Vasquez and Bob Flook bring a truck, a large, food-grade 250-cubic-feet-per-minute compressor on a trailer, their proprietary and automated, patent-pending Rajeunir (meaning "rejuvenate" in French) equipment and a crew of two or three coopers and assistants.
Consultant general surgeon David Flook would back reforms but did "not trust our incompetent Government to introduce them".
Nigel Flook reported at the annual meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology.
Flook said; data were collected at baseline and 12 weeks.