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 (mĭk-dŏn′əld), George 1824-1905.
British writer known for his fairy tales, such as The Golden Key (1867). He also wrote longer works of fantasy, such as Lilith (1895).


 (mĭk-dŏn′əld), Sir John Alexander 1815-1891.
Scottish-born Canadian politician and the first prime minister of the Dominion of Canada (1867-1873 and 1878-1891). He is considered the organizer of the Canadian Confederation in 1867.


1. (Biography) Flora. 1722–90, Scottish heroine, who helped the Young Pretender to escape to Skye after his defeat at the battle of Culloden (1746)
2. (Biography) Sir John Alexander. 1815–91, Canadian statesman, born in Scotland, who was the first prime minister of the Dominion of Canada (1867–73; 1878–91)


(Biography) (James) Ramsay. 1866–1937, British statesman, who led the first and second Labour Governments (1924 and 1929–31). He also led a coalition (1931–35), which the majority of the Labour Party refused to support


(məkˈdɒn əld)

Sir John Alexander, 1815–91, Canadian statesman, born in Scotland.


(məkˈdɒn əld)

James Ramsay, 1866–1937, British prime minister 1924, 1929–35.
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1790: Death of Flora Macdonald, Scottish Jacobite heroine who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape to safety after Culloden.
It's how Bonnie Prince Charlie succeeded in escaping capture and death as he fled across the seas to Skye with the help of young Flora MacDonald.
One of the more touching and vividly written essays is by Monia Mazigh, who remembers how the late Flora MacDonald, formerly a Progressive Conservative MP, helped to liberate Mazigh's husband, Maher Arar, when he was illegally jailed and tortured in Syria.
After all, the island's history is interwoven with the flight of Bonnie Prince Charlie, helped by heroine Flora Macdonald to escape to France.
What started out as careful politics morphed into a massive humanitarian undertaking, thanks in large part to the work of individual parliamentarians, most notably Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Flora MacDonald, said Clark.
Today, 835 recipients of the Order have endorsed his proposal, including Jean Vanier, Chris Hadfield, Flora Macdonald, Romeo Dallaire, Michel Bastarache, Samantha Nutt, Avie Bennett and Veronica Tennant.
Its most bizarre display is a set of stays (corsets) once owned by Jacobite heroine Flora MacDonald, who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape "over the sea to Skye" in 1746.
The following summer Smith travelled to the Isle of Skye and there met Flora MacDonald whom he was to marry in 1857.
Having helped Prince Charles Edward Stewart to escape from the Isle of Skye to the Western Isles after the Battle of Culloden in 1746, Flora MacDonald had been captured by the Hanoverian forces.
He was born in the United States because his mother, Flora MacDonald Denison (nee Merrill, 1867-1921), was a staunch anti-monarchist.
The man pulled out of his drawer six passports and explained that Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark and Foreign Affairs Minister Flora MacDonald had already figured out that Canadian passports might be helpful in extracting the Americans.
Toronto psychic and social and political activist Flora MacDonald Denison (1867-1921) had purchased Bon Echo complete with rustic hotel in 1910.