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state′ flow′er

a flower chosen as an official symbol of a U.S. state.
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Contract awarded for Floral emblem Hibiscus Garden Development Project
The Australian government sent a cot blanket made from Tasmanian merino wool and embroidered with the country's floral emblem.
Flowers abound; the Turkish floral emblem is the tulip--in fact the word tulip is derived from the Turkish turban.
Sheaves of wheat, representing Alberta's prairies, and wild roses, the floral emblem of Alberta, are engraved alternately on-the crown.
The piece is inspired by the city's Bauhinia floral emblem and embellished with different coloured petals to signify Hong Kong's cultural diversity.
Deft digital manipulation transmutes the anodyne romance of woman-as-flower into a picture of facial deformation and woman's suffocation, by a floral emblem of female humility and uncomplaining devotion.
camschatcensis (Kamchatka fritillary) is the floral emblem of Ishikawa Prefecture and Obihiro City in Japan.
The floral emblem PS1 coins, which began last year with a rose for England and a daffodil for Wales, will continue with the addition of coins featuring a thistle for Scotland or a flax plant for Northern Ireland.
Thanks to author Hitchcock, the Golden Wattle was named Australia's national floral emblem on September 1, 1988; Hitchcock is now known throughout Australia as The Wattle Lady for her leading role in establishing National Wattle Day.
Featuring a wealth of full-color photography throughout, A Celebration of Wattle: Australia's National Floral Emblem is a revised and greatly expanded edition of the 1991 publication "Wattle", an in-depth scrutiny of Australia's beloved flowering plant, from its natural history and propagation to its cherished role in Australian culture.
He expressed a hope that the peony would be adopted as Canada's national floral emblem.
During the White House visit, Kenny made the customary presentation of a bowl of shamrock -- Ireland's three-leafed floral emblem - to Obama.