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 (flôr′ē-ə-nŏp′ə-lĭs, flô′ryə-nô′po͝o-lēs′)
A city of southern Brazil on an island just off the coast. It is a port linked to the mainland by a suspension bridge.


(Portuguese floriəˈnɔpulis)
(Placename) a port in S Brazil, capital of Santa Catarina state, on the W coast of Santa Catarina Island. Pop: 884 000 (2005 est)


(ˌflɔr i əˈnɒp ə lɪs, ˌfloʊr-)

the capital of Santa Catarina state, on an island off the S coast of Brazil. 196,055.
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Estudo analitico da suscetibilidade a escorregamentos e quedas de blocos no Macico Central de Florianopolis-SC, Florianopolis, 2004, 132p.
Summary: With Florianopolis win, team claims second championship on the trot
Proud sponsor EsberHawazen, CEO of The Wave, Muscat said Act 8 Florianopolis had been the toughest and most exciting of the season.
Marcos Scherer--CEO of Brazil's Imagem Filmes, a big distributor in an ever bigger market--hunkers down to work each morning in Florianopolis, an Atlantic island city featuring more than 40 beaches, a high standard of living, a low crime rate and a reputation as a party destination.
By Ben Fogle, TV presenter MORNING I'd wake up in Florianopolis on the Brazilian coastline and go for a swim in the ocean before sitting down to a fresh-fruit breakfast on the beach with my wife, Marina, and children Ludo and Iona.
A statement from the Santa Catarina public security secretariat in Florianopolis linked the attacks to a stepped up crackdown by joint state and federal law-enforcement agencies on criminal gangs linked to drug trafficking.
Thanks to that event, Florianopolis is now on my map--and I'm eager to put it on yours, too.
Participou da fundacao, em 2004, do Centro de Vida Independente de Florianopolis (CVI-Floripa), o primeiro no Estado de Santa Catarina, tendo sido sua primeira presidenta em duas gestoes consecutivas (2004-2006; 2006-2008), tornando-se a primeira pessoa surda a integrar oficialmente o Movimento de Vida Independente no Brasil (MVI) (2).
Na Grande Florianopolis foram aplicados 132 questionarios junto aos assistentes sociais inscritos em 2008 no Conselho Regional de Servico Social (CRESS, 12a.
The 2012 Rio Gay Pride event is also expected to attract people from neighbouring cities such as Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Belo Horizonte and the northeastern cities of Recife, Salvador and Fortaleza.
Un importante periodico de la ciudad de Florianopolis, ubicada en la isla de Santa Catarina al sur de Brasil, notifica el descubrimiento, a traves del analisis de un pedazo de carbon, de la presencia humana en la isla desde hace 5.
The pattern of decomposition observed in the estuarine mangrove of the Paraiba do Sul River is similar to those observed in other studies, such as mangroves in Cananeia (SP), Florianopolis (SC), Tanzania and the Gulf of Mexico (Adaime, 1985; Panitz, 1986; Chale, 1993; Ake-Castillo et al.