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n. pl.1.(Bot.) A subclass of algæ including all the red or purplish seaweeds; the Rhodospermeæ of many authors; - so called from the rosy or florid color of most of the species.
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It belongs to the family: Rhodomelaceae, genus: Melanothamnus, class: Florideophyceae, kingdom: Plantae, species: afaqhusainii, phylum: Rhodophyta, subphylum: Eurhodophytina [18].
For the genetic code, the Mold/Protozoan Mitochondrial option was selected; this codon translation scheme has been shown in red algae of the classes Florideophyceae and Bangiophyceae (Boyen et al.
With minor differences, species of the subphylum Eurhodophytina (containing Florideophyceae and Bangiophyceae) are mostly alike in mitochondrial gene content.
PT RM Jul Nov Mar Jul Nov Mar n 15 15 15 14 15 15 Cyanobacteria X Rhodophyta: Florideophyceae Antithamnion defectunt Kylin X X X Bossiella 0.
Erythrocladia irregularis Rosenvinge C3 Clase Florideophyceae Orden Acrochaetiales Acrochaetiaceae 4.
Eucariota Reino Plantae Subreino Biliphyta Phylum Rhodophyta Subphylum Eurhodophytina Clase Florideophyceae Subclase Rhodyinenio phycidae Orden Gigartinales Familia Gigartinaceae Genero Gigartina Fuente: Guiry.
Gracilaria chilensis es un alga roja agarofita perteneciente a la clase Florideophyceae.
Periodicity of spore discharge in tropical Florideophyceae (Rhodophyta).
Species Richness was 31, with classes Florideophyceae constituting 10 species, Phaeophyceae 9 species, and Chlorophyceae 10 species.