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 (flôr′ē-ō′), John or Giovanni 1553?-1625.
English lexicographer noted for his Italian-English dictionary (1598) and his translations of Montaigne's essays (1603).


(Biography) John. ?1553–?1625, English lexicographer, noted for his translation of Montaigne's Essays (1603)


(ˈflɔr iˌoʊ, ˈfloʊr-)

John, 1553?–1625, English lexicographer and translator.
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Noun1.Florio - English lexicographer remembered for his Italian and English dictionary (1553-1625)Florio - English lexicographer remembered for his Italian and English dictionary (1553-1625)
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Florio to the board of directors of the holding company and the bank.
In choosing the title of his 1598 Italian-English dictionary, the teacher, translator, and writer John Florio no doubt sought to emphasize the scope of his work, the first of its kind.
Moreover, Hamlin fleshes out his account of Montaigne's English reception by looking beyond Florio and his annotators.
Albert Garcia was 18 in January 2005 when Officer John Florio accused him of spiking his burger with broken glass.
Carlo di Florio, FINRA's chief risk officer, said that the self-regulator continues to be "very focused" on variable annuities, as they remain one of the "top" products for customer complaints.
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