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 (flôr′ē-ə-nŏp′ə-lĭs, flô′ryə-nô′po͝o-lēs′)
A city of southern Brazil on an island just off the coast. It is a port linked to the mainland by a suspension bridge.


(Portuguese floriəˈnɔpulis)
(Placename) a port in S Brazil, capital of Santa Catarina state, on the W coast of Santa Catarina Island. Pop: 884 000 (2005 est)


(ˌflɔr i əˈnɒp ə lɪs, ˌfloʊr-)

the capital of Santa Catarina state, on an island off the S coast of Brazil. 196,055.
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Fatores associados aos sintomas depressivos em idosos: estudo Epi Floripa.
But this is more than a South American Provincetown; Floripa is a close-knit community.
I had to stay the whole week back in Floripa after that just recovering from that shit.
Tracks Like Floripa, Favouride have been in my DJ sets, but none have been played as many as the stunning Beau Mot Plage that still gets a run out to this day.
This will take the activities related to: (i) the school management and network, such as selection and training of school managers, process redesign and implementation of a system of network management and schools, that meets the challenges the extension of full time offer, (ii) the implementation of new processes of selection, placement, support and evaluation of teachers, (iii) improving the Prova Floripa in design, processing and return and using the results teachers and principals, (iv) the development and implementation of a quality monitoring system of IE, and (v) conducting research to identify unmet demand and the design and implementation of evaluations of process and impacts generated by the program.
Floripa es diferente: un monton de gente, y es mas facil desaparecer en la multitud [risas].
Como exemplo de medidas nao estruturais, a Fundacao Municipal do Meio Ambiente (Floram) realizou a partir do ano 2000, projetos como Pomar Floripa e Recomposicao das Areas Degradadas do Morro da Cruz com vistas a recuperacao vegetal com plantio de especies nativas.
However, memories of Rio's famous carnival and the sun-kissed paradise beaches of Floripa Island were replaced by horror when he got the bill.
Florianopolis fundamento su Plano Director (4) con los resultados del proceso metodologico de RBaU, por medio de la Agenda de Desarrollo Sustentable Floripa 2030 (5), producto de un intenso programa de participacion ciudadana que involucro a todos los sectores de la sociedad.
Serum lipids in school kids and adolescents from Florianopolis, SC, Brazil--Healthy Floripa 2040 study.