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or flue·gel·horn  (flo͞o′gəl-hôrn′) or flü·gel·horn (flü′-)
A bugle with valves, similar to the cornet but having a wider bore.

[German Flügelhorn : Flügel, flank (from its use to summon flanks during a battle) (from Middle High German vlügel, wing, flank; see pleu- in Indo-European roots) + Horn, horn (from Middle High German, from Old High German; see ker- in Indo-European roots).]

flu′gel·horn′ist n.


(Instruments) a type of valved brass instrument consisting of a tube of conical bore with a cup-shaped mouthpiece, used esp in brass bands. It is a transposing instrument in B flat or C, and has the same range as the cornet in B flat
[German Flügelhorn, from Flügel wing + Horn horn]


or flü•gel•horn or flue•gel•horn

(ˈflu gəlˌhɔrn)
a brass wind instrument with three valves, usu. pitched in B flat and used esp. in military bands.
[1850–55; < German, =Flügel wing + Horn horn]
flu′gel•horn`ist, n.
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Noun1.flugelhorn - a brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider boreflugelhorn - a brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider bore
brass instrument, brass - a wind instrument that consists of a brass tube (usually of variable length) that is blown by means of a cup-shaped or funnel-shaped mouthpiece
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Firstly, local lad Dru Sparks gave a moving Mind on flugel horn and there was a complete change with his astonishingly speedy performance on xylophone OIn addition to conducting easy manner, together with his amusing and informative introductions to the numbers, certainly added to the evening's entertainment.
Technically, it had commenced for him soon after June 17, 1940 when, as a member of Balvi City Band, he had to play the "Internationale" on his flugel horn for the raising of the Red flag in the town square.
He even plays songs he has composed himself on trumpet and flugel horn (arranged by Oliver Barrett), as well as using film and spoken word.
The rest of the programme continued at the same impressive pace, with Dave Bacon providing a superb flugel horn solo in Try a Little Tenderness.
The British saxophonist and arranger Jason Yarde had written a small flugel horn concerto for Masekela, a graceful and melodic bit of writing that even turned some of the trumpeter's trademark licks into motifs for the orchestra.
Hear music performed on a piccolo trumpet, a flugel horn and then a jazz peashooter, a kettle, a walking stick trumpet and even a hosepipe.
The star-studded lineup will feature songwriter-vocalist Patti Austin; Trumpeter Christian Scott; Tony winner and two time Grammy-winning jazz vocalist Dee Dee Brightwaters; saxophonist Dean Fraser; Michel Camilo, Grammy and two-time Latin Grammy Award winning pianist from the Dominican Republic, and Arturo Sandoval, one of the world's most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet and flugel horn, winner of 4 Grammy Awards, 6 Billboard Awards and an Emmy Award.
Starting at 8pm, the event includes Michael on piano, also Norma Winstone on vocals, Henry Lowther on trumpet & flugel horn, Art Themen on saxophone, Dave Green on bass and Trevor Tomkins on drums.
The piece also calls for instruments such as the flugel horn and euphonium.
I play a solo on the flugel horn live on stage every night (although a lot have asked me if I'm miming - cheek
Mick Cooke from Belle and Sebastian plays flugel horn on our song Dosed And Became Invisible.
Flugel horn player Kate Chisholm is celebrating her Master of Arts degree with a performance at London's Royal Albert Hall.