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1.(Chem.) A combining form indicating fluorine as an ingredient; as in fluosilicate, fluobenzene.
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It is also observed that about 75% of the ground water in Libyan north-west districts have fluo- ride concentrations greater than 0.
Immunophenotyping: To phenotype cell-surface an- tigens fourth-passage cells were stained with fluo- rescein isothiocyannate (FITC) or phycoetrythrin (PE)-conjugated antibodies specific for the follow- ing human antigens CD90-FITC CD133-PE CD44- FITC CD34- FITC and CD105-FITC (BioLegend USA).
912 Deviation Naph-Naphthalene; Ace- Acenaphthene; Acen- Acenapthylene; Flu- Fluorene; Phe-Phenanthrene; Ant-Anthracene; Fluo- Fluoranthene; Pyr-Pyrene; Benz-1,2-Benzanthracene; Chr-Chrysene; Benzo(b)- Benzo(b) fluorathene; Benzo(k)- Benzo(k) fluoranthene; Benzo(a)- Benzo(a) pyrene; Diben-1,2,5,6-Dibenzanthracene; Ind- Indeno(1,2,3-C.
Moreover, no study concerned about the effect of aging and thermocycling on the bond strength of contemporary adhesive to the fluo- rosed enamel of patients in endemic areas like Saudi Arabia.
coli are resistant to a wide range of beta lactams includ- ing cephalosporins, penicillins and piperacillin/ tazobactam, and non beta lactams including fluo- roquinolones, trimethoprim and gentamycin.