Fly fisherman

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one who fishes using natural or artificial flies{2} as bait, especially one who fishes exclusively in that manner.
- Walton.

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A GENEROUS gesture cost Pontypridd fly fisherman Jason Williams first place in the WSTAA Disabled International Team trial at Llandegfedd Reservoir.
IT'S refreshing to have a change - and this week pride of place goes to fly fisherman Simon Page, who wins one of our superb goody bags for a belting 7lb 8oz rainbow trout.
Opening Days: A Fly Fisherman Writes" is a collection of wit and wisdom from Richard Chiappone as he gives a great assortment of literature along with is own thoughts and ponderings from the lake.
Their variety is complex and an intriguing challenge for the dry fly fisherman to learn.
Fly fisherman Gerald Grieve, 45, from Ouston, Chester-le-Street, picked up the first individual honour and landed the two-foot tall Jack Charlton Trout Cup.
Birkenhead fly fisherman Scott Noble was on the honours board, thanks to a lovely 6lb rainbow that he caught on a Cats Whisker.
Matt Coyle, a fly fisherman in Thousand Oaks, who has fished at Piru Creek for more than a dozen years, believes that the DWR is more interested in saving money than saving toads.
Illustrated with skillful graphite-pencil drawings by sporting artist Michael Simon, Rivers Of Shadow, Rivers Of Sun: A Fly-Fisher's European Journal is an enraptured account of the joy of fishing by travel writer and expert fly fisherman Norm Zeigler.
I spent half a day chasing tarpon with my guide and we finally caught up with one late in the day," says Barrett, an avid fly fisherman and hunter.
The brand is "Sawtooth", and the label shows a fly fisherman casting a pretty decent-looking loop.
Whittaker, a keen fly fisherman, had been living in Herefordshire for several years before that, having been attracted to the county by the River Wye.
A fly fisherman, James Marden spent many hours watching insects flit about the water's surface, little knowing that his casual observations would someday provide new insight into how insects evolved wings.