Fly nut

(Mach.) a nut with wings; a thumb nut; a finger nut.

See also: Fly

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It is still too early to get the trout rod out, except to celebrate the opening day, because I am a dry fly nut and we can't expect good rises on the Spey until next month.
Tenders are invited for Ms Bolt With Fly Nut As Per Sketch Available At Sse C W Asn
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 50 Terminals Junction Boxes With Neoprene/Epdm Gaskets Ip65 Grade With Fly Nut Locking Arrangement.
Tenders are invited for Sand Box Cover With Gasket Complete With Hings And Fly Nut And Bolt Etc Total 11 Item For Sand Sbox Of Wag7 Loco.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Closing Arrangement For Rru And Transformer Cover Fly Nut / Wing Nut Following Size And Qty.
Tenders are invited for Retainer Bolt With Fly Nut And Two Washer, As Per Drg.