Fly paper

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poisoned or sticky paper for killing flies that feed upon or are entangled by it.
paper covered with a sticky preparation, - used for catching flies.

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Over the next few months the charity is taking a Land Rover to events across the county, where people can try to fly paper planes through one of the vehicle's windows from about four feet away.
This acts like a sticky fly paper to trap things like dust, dirt and bacteria and prevent them getting to the lungs,' he said.
One day, Jonson found a can of Raid next to the work, and another time someone hung two strips of fly paper on it.
Originally designed for humane, catch-and-release fly paper, sticky pads have now taken huge market bites out of both paper clips and staplers.
Her most extreme cases include whinges about a pair of Topshop leggings with a baggy crotch, the lack of dates in Dorset cereals and fly paper that wasn't sticky enough.
I approached the stone, stepping over the simple memorial to Dear Aunty Edie; no dates, no other people inscribed in that stark block, only her name and all that it suggested - the doilies and custard creams, evangelical hymns on the wireless, sticky fly paper, evaporated milk and antimacassars.
Also in the rucksack were insect monitors which are similar to fly paper and blank Rentokil job sheets.
This next-generation FLY homework helper offers USB connectivity, allowing users to upload notes and drafts handwritten on special FLY paper to a PC and convert them to word processing or email documents.
Apart from being contradictory to the rules of conservation and unsightly, those geniuses in the city council should realise what the long term consequences would be of covering nearly a mile of pavements with stuff that would turn into the human equivalent of fly paper during a heatwave.
Warm weather has been blamed for the plague, which has hit the whole town, with shops running out of fly paper and spray.
Around 40,000 of the beasties will be released by researchers, who have given householders fly paper and jars.
Called the Fly Paper, it's as sheer a drop as a block of multi-storey flats and guarantees an adrenalin-pumping feast for Bravehearts who like a challenge.