Fly rail

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a bracket which turns out to support the hinged leaf of a table.

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Tenders are invited for Packet Of Fly Rail Cee Channel Runner Cum Galvanised Ms Wire Fitted With Aluminium Revit For Curtain Runner Of Ac Coaches As Per Sample.
Travelers May Choose Between a Swiss Pass or Swiss Flexi Pass, and either a Fly Rail Baggage or Fast Baggage Service to Receive Discounted Offer
We used to stand on the fly rail (a catwalk above the stage) to watch the shows.
Tenders are invited for Fly Rail Runner G Type For Sliding Door To Size 2
In addition to these fares, travelers (especially skiers) would appreciate Fly Rail, a program that allows passengers to check baggage at the departing airport through to their final destination.
New Balkan Flexipass, Greek Flexipass Rail 'N Fly and Greek Fly Rail 'N Drive