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 (flī′wĭsk′, -hwĭsk′)
A whisk, as of hair, used for brushing away flies.
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She is shown holding a fly-whisk in one hand and an ankh in the other, according to the "History of Ancient Egypt Encyclopedia".
This cladding comprised of a large traditional loincloth with a light outfit underneath matching shoes, a special cap, with a bracelet, traditional necklace, a cane representing his authority and a fly-whisk.
Embellished with what appear to be hundreds of diamonds, a pair of 18th-century fly-whisk handles shows how ornate these could be.
When he died he was laid to rest in a gold-plated coffin along with his trademark Homburg hat and lion's tail fly-whisk near parliament in Lilongwe, where construction of the mausoleum began in 2004.
At the head sits the mahout, holding a goad (ankush) in one hand, and a fly-whisk (chamar) in the other.
Older politicians will remember the Hola Camp scandal of 1959, while anyone over fifty will know the patriarchal figure of Jomo Kenyatta and his distinctive trade-mark, the fly-whisk.
Here one can see the imperial coarsening that has overtaken the friends of Realpolitik, disposing of other people's countries and cultures with a wave of a fly-whisk.