Flying army

(Mil.) a body of cavalry and infantry, kept in motion, to cover its own garrisons and to keep the enemy in continual alarm.

See also: Flying

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Things like flying Army P-40s off the carrier USS Ranger when it went to war in North Africa, earning two Distinguished Unit Citations, and being part of the first "shuttle mission" to Russia are just a few examples.
Harry, the youngest son of heir-to-the throne Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, recently quit flying army helicopters for a desk job organising commemorative military events in London.
Prior to his position with Shaklee, Sullivan served as an Aviator and Officer in the United States Army from 1963 through 1984, with two tours in Vietnam flying Army helicopters.
The block of 42nd street in front of Grand Central Station is the scene of a final battle between Captain America et al and a flying army of alien invaders, with plenty of spillover into the surrounding neighborhood.
A HIGH flying army cadet has made an advance into cyber space to start his very first blog.
It will feature the voices of Helen Mirren, Miriam Margolyes and Sam Neill and follows the adventures of a group of young barn owls as they fight against evil owls who are recruiting for a flying army.
There are simulators that give participants the feel of driving and flying Army vehicles.
London: Britain's Prince Harry is to quit flying army Apache helicopters and take up a desk job organising commemorative military events, Kensington Palace said on Friday.
A FARMER'S wife who forged claims for animals allegedly killed by low flying Army helicopters walked free from court yesterday.