Flying kites

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(Naut.) light sails carried only in fine weather.
(Naut.) See under Flying.

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Part of the process of recovering from my long sickness was to find delight in little things, in things unconnected with books and problems, in play, in games of tag in the swimming pool, in flying kites, in fooling with horses, in working out mechanical puzzles.
There - with mechanics working at their trades, and people leaning from their doors and windows, and boys flying kites and playing marbles, and men smoking, and women talking, and children crawling, and pigs burrowing, and unaccustomed horses plunging and rearing, close to the very rails - there - on, on, on - tears the mad dragon of an engine with its train of cars; scattering in all directions a shower of burning sparks from its wood fire; screeching, hissing, yelling, panting; until at last the thirsty monster stops beneath a covered way to drink, the people cluster round, and you have time to breathe again.
Despite a ban imposed by government on kites selling and flying, passionate youth celebrated basant festival while flying kites in the sky.
Bird lovers have been asking people to refrain from flying kites but at the same time have been preparing to treat injured birds.
Organisers will also attempt to break a Guinness World Record with the help of over 15,000 participants who will be flying kites simultaneously at 15 or more locations across Dubai.
A local annual festival involves flying kites on string sharpened like razor wire to cut your opponent's lines.
The Punjab government took action against flying kites and imposed ban in cities like Lahore.
CALL IT ' Saifai effect' or political maturity, Dabangg actor Salman Khan on Tuesday displayed his diplomatic side in Ahmedabad when he joined Narendra Modi in flying kites on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.
11 ( ANI ): Activists in Rajkot, Gujarat, recently demonstrated against the use of abrasive glass-coated strings for flying kites that kill and injure birds.
A compelling narrative, the documentary directed by Nitin Sawhney portrays the youth's love for peace through their passion for flying kites in a certain area of Gaza.
But his eldest son, Tom, 27, recalls how away from the limelight he enjoyed the simple pleasures of feeding ducks, flying kites and walking dogs on Wimbledon Common.
People of different ages and nationalities got busy flying kites of various colours along the sprawling grounds of the park.