Flying level

(Civil Engin.) a reconnoissance level over the course of a projected road, canal, etc.

See also: Flying

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Armbands underneath their suits will also buzz if the plane stops flying level.
The jet stream is expected to build at flying level - 30,000ft above the ocean.
You're flying along and just turn around on your longitudinal axis, ending up flying level and straight again.
Consolidation of revised techniques at formal training units can build upon traditional methods learned at the undergraduate flying level yet leverage specific aircraft capabilities to help establish foundational skillsets that will enhance student performance during initial qualification.
Even when 343 stumbles, such as bookending the campaign with two jarring quick time events, or introducing a flying level late on that has seemingly been beamed in from the end of Return of the Jedi, you can forgive it because it gets so much right.
In this SD illusion, obscured vision, acceleration, and the orientation of the pilot's head (looking upward) conspire to tell the pilot's inner ear the airplane is climbing when it is actually flying level.
When they fly into cloud and visibility is low, they are told to trust the instruments on board the aircraft, in particular the gauge that tells them they are flying level.
Fortunately for Sun, the company appears to have hit a point where it is once again flying level, and if the economy improves in the sectors where it plays best - financial services for one - then Sun might even be poised once again for revenue growth and some more substantial profits.
He had to keep trimming the horizontal stabilizer to keep flying level.
An experienced pilot will not trust his natural instincts, but rely solely on his instrument panel to tell if the plane is flying level.
They don't always follow that critical rule, and planes have been known to crash because the pilot thought he was flying level when actually he was at an extreme angle.
After another minute or so of flying level at 700 feet above ground level, there were the controller's words yet again "on course, on glidepath.