Flying squid

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(Zool.) an oceanic squid (Ommastrephes Bartramii syn. Sthenoteuthis Bartramii), abundant in the Gulf Stream, which is able to leap out of the water with such force that it often falls on the deck of a vessel.
(Zool.) See under Flying, and Giant.

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Currently, the main commercial resources fished in the SPRFMO area are Jack mackerel and jumbo flying squid in the Southeast Pacific and, to a much lesser degree, deep-sea species often associated with seamounts in the Southwest Pacific.
Male copulatory behavior interrupts Japanese flying squid Todarodes pacificus female spawning activity.
Abstract--To explore the feasibility of using beak microstructure to estimate the age of oceanic squid, sagittal sections in the upper beak were used to validate the age of the red flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in the North Pacific Ocean.
A study based on photographs of flying squid in the Pacific Ocean estimates that they can reach a speed of up to 11.
SINGING WHALES AND FLYING SQUID documents the search for marine knowledge, revealing in the process some of these puzzles past and present.
You would have assumed that the meals she describes being eaten in The Flying Squid Lunchstop were the real thing.
H Thousands of jumbo flying squid measuring up to two feet long have been scaringswimmers, surfers and sunbathers after washing ashore at a popular beach in La Jolla, San Diego.
The jumbo flying squid, known by their scientific name Dosidicus gigas, normally nestle in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
Flying squid, blood-sucking bees and giant 5ft-tall rats are coming our way, too.
Some Japanese boats fishing for flying squid sank nets about 2 yards below the water's surface.
Japan has already had to cut back on fishing for flying squid in the Northwest Pacific, as conventional methods appear to have depleted the species.