Flying squid

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(Zool.) an oceanic squid (Ommastrephes Bartramii syn. Sthenoteuthis Bartramii), abundant in the Gulf Stream, which is able to leap out of the water with such force that it often falls on the deck of a vessel.
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Hyaloteuthis pelagica (Bosc, 1802), the glassy flying squid, is the smallest ommastrephid, reaching a maximum mantle length of 90 mm (Nesis, 1987).
Dosidicus gigas, the only species in the genus Dosidicus, is commonly known as the jumbo squid, jumbo flying squid (FAO, see Roper et al.
1981), who reported a decrease in the relative percentage of myosin with an increase in small proteolytic fragments in frozen, stored AM from Japanese flying squid (O.
Variations of the life history parameters in two geographical groups of the neon flying squid, Ommastrephes bartramii, from the north Pacific.
Feeding habits of neon flying squid Ommastrephes bartramii in the transitional region of the central North Pacific.
The luminous flying squid Eucleoteuthis luminosa (Sasaki, 1915) is a small ommastrephid species with a maximum mantle length (ML) of about 227 mm and a body weight of 235 g (Roper et al.
The broad range of effects required for 'Hellboy,' including the creation of digital six packs of beer, Hellboy's tail, giant flying squid and digital cars, represented a true and successful test of Brazil's agility and breadth of capabilities.
Some Japanese boats fishing for flying squid sank nets about 2 yards below the water's surface.
Japan has already had to cut back on fishing for flying squid in the Northwest Pacific, as conventional methods appear to have depleted the species.
THE FLYING SQUID, nearly 6ft long, will jet-propel itself out of the water to catch FLYING FRUIT FOXES by pushing water through a tube beneath its body.
The jumbo flying squid, known by their scientific name Dosidicus gigas, normally nestle in the eastern Pacific Ocean.