flight suit

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flight′ suit`

a long-sleeved jumpsuit made of fire-resistant material, worn typically by members of an aircraft crew.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Flying Suit Cold Weather Trs Mk3 S/8 Flying Suit Inner Mk3 S/8.
We were given a solid 90-minute briefing and safety talk, before being kitted out in a flying suit, helmet and parachute pack.
The Jetsons" automatic meal machine ranked second (19 percent), followed by the Flying Suit (16 percent).
But I do still have the khaki flying suit I wore for the video for our second hit, Piece of the Action.
Post, despite a limited formal education and blinded in his left eye in an oil patch mishap, conceived, designed and tested the first fully pressurized flying suit and helmet.
Cumberbatch came-up with his own bizarre theory and talked about his flying suit.
Fast-forwarding to the 1980s, Christopher Reeve's "Superman IV" flying suit sold for $25,000, in line with the estimate.
The Duke, dressed in a green flying suit, then accompanied his father to the operations room to view maps of the area covered by the base.
looms above Grand Central, tapering slightly to a height of about 1,000 feet and topped with a specialized landing strip for Iron Man's flying suit that also serves as a more conventional helicopter pad.
From neuro science to the basic logistics a flying suit of armor fit for human use, from the limits of the human body, "Inventing Iron Man" is a unique and much recommended read for anyone with an interest in the reality of super science.
These were each painted with a likeness of George Kemp, dressed in his white flying suit and flying helmet, depicted variously standing on the rear fuselage of Tipsy G-AFJS in flight and hacking at the tail, standing on the cowling and chopping at the propeller with an axe; sawing off the wing, and lastly cutting off an undercarriage leg.