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طائِر، أثناء طَيرانِه
v letu
repülés közben
á flugi


(flait) noun
1. act of flying. the flight of a bird.
2. a journey in a plane. How long is the flight to New York?
3. a number of steps or stairs. A flight of steps.
4. a number of birds etc flying or moving through the air. a flight of geese; a flight of arrows.
ˈflighty adjective
(usually of girls and women) with easily changed ideas; not thinking deeply; always looking for amusement.
flight deck
1. the upper deck of an aircraft carrier where planes take off or land.
2. the forward part of an aeroplane where the pilot and crew sit.
in flight
flying. Have you seen the geese in flight?

see also fly2.
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Until recent times, the straight-up sex change was considered kook territory, akin to the benihana or a roast-beef flyout.
Lane entered the inning with a 2-1 lead, and reliever Drew Smernes got Lower Columbia's Corey Conklin on a flyout to open the inning, but Ricky Muzzy singled, chasing Smernes and bringing right fielder Bryce Mulcahy in to try to close the game.
Tenders Are Invited for Purchase and maintenance of high-performance technology flyout electrophotographic printers.
We had a nominal flyout, and all three stages performed beautifully.
A larger flyout menu, accessed by tapping the "Menu" button, features the same familiar categories so users can quickly dive into the products they are interested in.
Instead, the right side of the Windows 9 Start menu either contains a flyout menu for expanded folders (0:14 in the video below), or a panel filled with Metro-style live tiles, Extremetech reported.
I would like for umpires to not have to wait until the team on the field calls to the umpire's attention that a baserunner missed a base or left too soon on a flyout.
Following a Cam Murphy flyout, Sam Shaw took a pitch off the shoulder to load the bases with the top of the order coming up.
But Binarao induced a double play, then finally quelled the threat on a flyout.
This is the first flyout, it is the first time that (it) flew through the air", the official said.
On the Home tab, select Conditional Formatting, and then select one of the three flyout menus for Data Bars, Color Scales, or Icon Sets.
In the fifth, Healy loaded the bases after two quick outs before forcing an Amaral flyout to left field.