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 (fə-kä′chə, fō-)
A flat Italian bread traditionally flavored with olive oil and salt and often topped with herbs, onions, or other items.

[Italian, hearth-cake, from Vulgar Latin *focācia, from Late Latin, feminine of focācius, of the hearth, from Latin focus, hearth.]


(Cookery) a flat Italian bread made with olive oil and yeast
[from Italian]


(foʊˈkɑ tʃə)
n., pl. -cias.
a large, round, flat Italian bread, sprinkled before baking with olive oil, salt, and often herbs.
[1975–80; < Italian < Late Latin focacia (neuter pl.), derivative of Latin focus hearth]
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Instead, I was presented with a huge wooden board - it looked like a door salvaged from the stunning re-fit - lined with greased paper and groaning with a selection of wild boar salamis, served with juicy red peppers, green salad and sweet foccacia bread.
The Service was quick, efficient and friendly so we both had our drinks in perfect time along with an excellent foccacia and basil oil.
Roll out flat like a foccacia, place on an oiled tray, leave to rise for an hour or so then brush with melted butter and bake in the oven at 210C for 18-20 mins.
Taboon habitues will appreciate the House Foccacia that Chef Nahon started baking at the restaurant 11 years ago - puffy taboon baked bread brushed with olive oil and finished with rosemary, sage and fleur de sel - remains available as does Hummus.
1 large loaf Foccacia, split horizontally, see note
Bake delicious foccacia bread, experimenting with a variety of ingredients so you can whip up a quick loaf to compliment a whole range of dishes.
Bara yw prif gynhwysyn y rhaglen heno (Chwefror 19) a bydd Bryn Williams yn brysur yn y gegin yn creu bara Eidalaidd - foccacia gyda thomatos; bara soda gyda cheirch, a ffyn bara syml.
The Sardinian Cookbook is as much about communicating and reveling tradition and camaraderie as it is about creating sumptuous regional delights such as Malloreddus alla Campidanese (with Sausage), Lamb with Fennel and Sundried Tomatoes, Foccacia Sarda, Artichoke Heart Soup, and much more.
For the fritelle: 8 ounces sheep's milk ricotta cheese Zest of 2 lemons 1 ounce mixed chopped herbs such as parsley basil chervil dill and/or mint 6 ounces semolina flour 4 eggs 8 ounces coarse dry breadcrumbs, from foccacia bread, around and sifted 16 oil-packed anchovy fillets Salt and pepper Vegetable oil, for flying For the fritelle: Line fine-mesh sieve with cheesecloth.
We launched into sharing a slice of Plain Foccacia (BD2.
Apart from the pizzas, try the foccacia, pastas and salads, and of course the tiramisu.