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An ancient irrigation system consisting of a tunnel dug at a very slight upward gradient into rising ground so that water from deep within the earth runs out to the surface. Qanats were developed in Persia and later adopted throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

[Persian qanāt, from Arabic qanāh, qanāt-, tube, canal, qanat; akin to Hebrew qāne and Akkadian qanû, reed; see qnw in Semitic roots.]


(Civil Engineering) an underground channel for directing irrigation water
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The success of the Garamantes oasis agriculture was based on the Foggara, an underground irrigation canal that tapped into an aquifer below the foot of the escarpment and led flowing water out into the oases.
The construction and maintenance of the Foggara would have required a huge labour force.
At the level of the oasis of Lahmar, irrigators exploit the groundwater by using an ancestral technique to irrigate their land, it is called the foggara of source and unlike the classical foggara (Figure 2), the foggara of El Ain captures natural spring waters.
The kasriates are arranged in a pyramid: from the kasria Lakbira (main), a kind of triangular basin provided with a diverter (comb) receives all the water from the foggara and distributes the flow into three, four or even five channels (seguias).
In the region of Adrar in South Western Algeria, the watershed of the foggara Hanou, a schedule foggara, is carried out in turn.
Le ministre, qui a inspecte la foggara Armoul, a Tamentit, a declare, s'adressant aux cadres locaux, que les foggaras, un systeme d'irrigation traditionnel, sont [beaucoup moins que] un patrimoine hydrique national et une ressource economique qu'il faut sauvegarder et entretenir [beaucoup plus grand que].
L'entretien des foggaras et l'assainissement des ksour au Sud, notamment a Adrar, constituent la priorite du secteur des Ressources en eau, a declare, jeudi dernier, le ministre des Ressources en eau et de l'Environnement, Abdelouahab Nouri, en visite de travail et d'inspection dans cette wilaya.
It's unclear how old these settlements are, but by 1000 BC, the Garamantes had mastered agriculture and developed an impressive irrigation system known as foggara.
Sometimes farmers aren't aware of what they are destroying--they don't recognise the archaeological importance of foggara, for example.
Lindqvist stops briefly to describe the foggara, labyrinthine systems of shafts and tunnels where water is mined as others might mine ore; all the while he's digging into the underside of Western historical consciousness.
This aquifer flows to about 2,200 wells, many foggara (see fig.
Le ministre a, sur site, ecoute des explications sur le journal electronique prive [beaucoup moins que] Foggara El-Djanoub [beaucoup plus grand que] qui sera lance en 2015, ont indique les responsables du projet.